Elements: Epic Heroes Gameplay Guide

Welcome to Elements: Epic Heroes! This guide is intended for new players to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of the game. When darkness arrives, heroes need to stand up and save the land!


Controls - Controls are simple tap and point. Tap in the direction you want to move or attack. If a monster is near you and are facing the monster you will automatically attack.

Party Information - Only the Party Leader gets experience. Switch out party leaders to level all your characters.

Equipment - Equipment can be bought from Ironborn the gear vendor. These items can be upgraded a number of times. You obtain items that have 5 slot, 6 slots, 7 slots, and 10 slots. 10 slot items means you can upgrade the item 10 times!

Upgrading your Equipment - You can upgrade your equipment at level 7. Upgrading an item requires a gem of a certain element. You can get gems by opening the Mystery Bags from dungeons or purchasing gem chests.

Quests - Quests can be obtained from various NPCs in Riverfall and Skyrock. Talk to each person after completing your quests to see if they require more assistance from you!

Skills - Skills are unlocked as you level. You can also upgrade your skills to be more powerful as you level.

Dark Tower - Defeat waves of monsters and reach the top of the tower! Earn streak rewards the more floors you clear consecutively. If you are defeated your streak rewards are reset. Dark Tower is unlocked at level 16.

Raids - Go to Skyrock and party with other players to do raids. There are multiple raids available. To start a raid make sure you have the appropriate scroll to enter. Dark Knight Raid requires a Sacred Stone Scroll. Dragon Raid requires Icy Veins Scroll.

Hire Mercenaries - Once you are level 3 you will be able to hire mercenaries at the innkeeper. You can hire other players' characters to fight with you in the map dungeon. If your character is hired by another player, you will receive gold for your character's service.

Map Boss Tips - Bosses can be very hard to defeat. You can use a combination of scrolls and potions to defeat a boss you have already encountered.

Ratings - Ratings help you view your progress versus other players. To check your rating, tap on your character portrait, then tap on "View Ratings".

Events - Events can be found by tapping on the envelop icon on top of the screen. There are many different events from clearing the highest floor in the Dark Tower, to killing all the Darkness monsters, to killing many raid dragons. Join in the event daily!

Potion Spheres - Potion Spheres randomly drop when you kill a minion of Darkness. A red sphere restores your HP and a blue sphere restores your MP. You will have to collect these spheres before they expire and disappear!

Magic Chest - These chests spawn daily all around Riverfall and Skyrock. Explore the town and get your special reward!

Purchase Questions:

Crystal/Gold Purchases –

Q. I have purchased Crystals/Gold but I don't see them reflected on my account. What should I do?

A. If you have any Crystal/Gold purchase issues, please send a report on our e-mail: support@epicheroesgame.com.

Crystal Mystery Chest - This mystery chest provides your characters with premium powerful weapons and armor. Use Crystals to open this chest.

Regular Gem Chest - This gem chest contains gems that are able to upgrade your weapon 10-50% of the time. Use Gold to open this chest.

Crystal Gem Chest - This gem chest contains gems that are able to upgrade your weapon 100% of the time. Use Crystals to open this chest.

Account Questions:

Connect Facebook Account

Q: Why should I connect a Facebook account?

A: By connecting your account to Facebook you will be able to save your data. If you uninstall and reinstall the game, you can just login to Facebook and load your saved data.

Guest Account - You can play without Facebook Account as a Guest Account but if you uninstall and reinstall the game your data will not be saved.

Name Change

Q. I want to change my nickname. How do I change?

A. A nickname can't be changed. Think carefully before making one.